Erickson & Co.Erickson’s website is an example of barebones online representation with a bit of practical functionality. The client was on a tight budget, but needed to have a website for their business. While they didn’t need much more than a webpage saying that the business did in fact exist, they also wanted it to be well-branded, look professional, and if possible, even serve some more functional purpose.

The site was designed from scratch using HTML, PHP, and CSS, and features brief bios of the owners, contact info, a link to their facebook page (the banner for which, I also designed), and a self-updating news feed that posts recent articles, relevant to their business, from a trusted news source via RSS feed. This ensures that the site will have constantly updated content, which is good for SEO, and also gives clients something worthwhile to check out while on the site.

Check out Erickson & Co.'s site