internal_n_fullInternal Narcissus was an existing site that I was asked to clean up. Fortunately for me, the original was fairly well designed and for the most part well thought out, but it had been left to the owner (who had little experience in such things) to keep the site updated. Being left to her own devices and limited abilities, the owner, despite her best efforts, had gotten things a bit messy and was unable to keep up with new ideas and the changing needs of the site.

Along with the overall tidying up, there was a new logo that needed to be incorporated into the branding of the site, certain blog posts that needed to be distinguished from others, an email list that needed to be set up and customized, and overall, the site just needed a more focused direction.

We began with discussions about what the business is and clarified the site’s function in enhancing that. Once we got some basics established, a lot of things got easier. For starters, we weeded out things that were unessential to that core purpose of the site and kept only important features. Then, as she used the site more and got in the habit of updating a few things from time to time, we worked on filling in the missing pieces and adding things that made sense which were still within the scope of the site’s purpose.


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