You Gotta Start Somewhere

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There are a thousand cheesy proverbs about getting started with something. Most of them are correct, but I find that I get tired of reading cheesy proverbs, no matter how much I actually tend to use them in every day conversations.

This is my first professional blog post as a web designer; my “first step on the journey of a thousand miles”. And blogging, in general, is something that I’ve had a hard time getting my head around. It seems that the Internet is fully glutted with people posting about anything and everything, so what good is one more adding to the noise?

I hope have an adequate answer to that question somewhere around my fiftieth post. My guess is that, while I’ll likely labor under the impression that I’m simply performing a duty that has come to be expected of most web designers just to be counted among their ranks as a serious professional, I may also never know if someone reads my blog and is truly helped by what I have to say. Many a time, I’ve been stuck without inspiration for a design or without a working solution for a bit of code that I’ve been trying out, and lo and behold, it was some random blog post that I happened upon that saved the day. And you know, I can’t remember the last time that I actually left a “thank you” comment.

I guess the better way to look at it is that I’m joining the ranks of the millions of unsuspecting Samaritans, toiling in the dark, firing bits of aid out into the ether to anyone that may happen upon them and happen to find them useful. Like anything, blogging is a skill, I’m sure. One that will be honed and made more helpful with time and practice. While I doubt this particular post will find its counterpart in need, you gotta start somewhere.